Sample Meal Plan

Friday, March 6, 2015

Clean Eating Meal Planning time! The key to your SUCCESS is planning.  It is so important to make sure that you have a plan in place. Here's a sample meal plan, but you do not - I repeat, DO NOT have to follow this plan exactly. I will post all the recipes to my blog before Sunday. Feel free to make changes that suit your individual taste or dietary needs. Also, throughout the week I will be posting additional recipes that you may want to substitute. This should just give you a general idea of what a typical clean eating meal plan looks like. 

Make a grocery list, and then decide what day you are hitting up the grocery store.  I have found that when I have a meal plan mapped out, the food in my fridge, and my food prepped I am more likely to stick to it!  It’s so easy to wake up in the am and be late for work and still have to pack your lunch. We just throw our hands up and say we’ll just grab something for lunch!  Then, you end up making poor choices, eat more calories than you were supposed to and then feel guilty for your decision.  So let’s stop that right from the get go!  It starts with having a plan!!!