6 Reasons Why Everyone Should Join a Challenge Group

Sunday, January 24, 2016

Challenge groups are the most convenient way to get fit and stay fit. Join Battlegrounds challenge on Feb 1 with Brenda Ajay and Melanie Mitro
Are you in a battle with yourself? You are not alone
If you started a New Year's resolution to get fit and ended up getting sidetracked instead, 
believe me - you are not alone.
It's time to turn it all around.
I know you're really busy, you probably have kids, and a job, and a long list of stuff to do around the house...

But get this - You are important too!
You know what happens when you start putting yourself at the bottom of your list? 
You stay there. And before you know it you look and feel tired and old, chronic illnesses start creeping up and you feel hopeless.
So it all ends here......
Join us for Battlegrounds starting February 1 and find out how to fight disease and aging with food and fitness.

So why should you join a challenge group?

  • It's convenient - workout in your own home and at your own pace. Most workouts are just 30 minutes. And we bring a celebrity trainer and personal coach to you! 
  • It's structured - No guesswork. Simply follow the workout schedule and the nutritional guide. Everything is scheduled on a calendar so you know exactly what to do. Trust the system - it works!
  • It's adaptable - It doesn't matter whether you are new to fitness or you are a hall of fame athlete, anyone can do this program and achieve great results. I will help you select a program that fits your specific needs and level of ability. There are ways to modify the workouts to accommodate physical limitations too.
  • It's not boring - There are over 30 different styles of workouts to choose from. Everything from dance, to kick boxing, to yoga to extreme training. Select something that you like and you'll get several different workouts with the program, so we'll change things up each and every day.
  • Accountability - It's an encouraging and supportive community. You coach and your friends in the group are your support system. Together we make sure no one fails!
  • It's affordable - Pay one price and you'll get a fitness and nutrition system that you can use forever. There are no membership fees so your initial investment goes a long way. And you can repeat the challenge group as many times as you want! So you get unlimited use of a complete fitness program, nutritional counseling, a virtual gym and personal coach!
Get fit and stay fit with the help of an accountability partner. Join a challenge group for a convenient way to get fit

New Beginnings
If you've never done a challenge group before, this is a good place to start. I'll help you choose a fitness program that you will enjoy doing every day, there are 30 different programs to choose from so there really is something for all interests, ages and levels of ability.

Challenge groups are the most convenient way to get fit and stay fit because you never have to leave your home. You have access to your own personal coach and trainer 24/7 for motivation and support. Together we'll plan healthy menus, share tips and advice and keep each other accountable.

There is no end date to your program
The goal is for you to reach your goal.... and then keep going. 

By the third week of our program you should feel remarkably better, stronger and have more energy. You will feel so good that your new healthy habits will become automatic and you'll keep it up long after the group ends.

Battlegrounds starts February 1
Here's what you can expect:
✅We focus on nutrition, fitness & overall well being
✅Challenge will last 30 days
✅It will not be easy but we will make it fun
✅It's all done in a virtual gym in a private Facebook group. Work out in your home, and at your own pace.
✅1:1 Free personal coaching from me. I'll answer questions and give support.
✅In order to see the best results, you are required to purchase a Beachbody challenge pack. Choose from over 30 programs including CIZE, 21 Day Fix, PiYo, P90X, T25, Insanity, and more!
✅We're a team & we help to motivate and support each other
✅You will not quit!
✅There is a 30 day money back guarantee
✅You can save 25%. Ask me how.

The fee for this challenge varies depending on your needs and your own personal goals. So let's talk so we can determine the path that's right for you. Start by filling out this  form to tell me a little more about yourself. I'll be in touch soon!

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