How do you stay motivated when you just aren't feelin' it? Part 1

Sunday, August 21, 2016

It's not often that I talk about my husband on social media. To be honest, Bill hates social media and doesn't want anything to do with it. But even though he doesn't understand it, he knows I couldn't do my job without it. It's my virtual office, my e-gym, and a way to reach people and help them. Nevertheless, Bill still just rolls his eyes when I jump up and down like an Olympic gold medalist because Autumn Calabrese and Chalene Johnson just "liked" one of my posts!

But all kidding aside, I'm going to break the rules and talk about Bill this one time because he is the biggest reason I stay motivated. Everyone needs a Bill. Someone in their life to hold them accountable and offer encouragement so they keep going. For example, this weekend I really wasn't feelin' it. Being a health and fitness coach is not something that comes easy to me. I'm battling a chronic illness, I've struggled with my weight most of my life, I am not the fittest, thinnest, or most athletic coach out there, but I do it because I love helping people solve their problems. And this weekend I was really doubting myself, and worried that people might not trust me and want my help. In fact while out with friends the other night, someone asked me why I became a Beachbody coach. I couldn't find the words to explain what I have been so passionate about for the last two years. So I copped out and I turned to Bill and said "It was his idea! Bill thought I should be a coach." And it totally shocked me when he replied, "I knew she had to do it and she'd be really good at it. Yeah, she's all over social media, but she really know what she's doing." Just the push I needed.

But this blog is not about me. This is just an example. My point is, who is there for you to turn to when you're doubting yourself? Will they remind you why you started and offer encouragement so that you do not fail?

How do you find an accountability partner?

Post about it. Post your story on social media. Tell people why you're exercising or eating healthy, or why you want to improve your health. Step outside of your comfort zone, be honest and real, and share your story on social media. I challenge you to try it sometime and I promise you someone will pay attention and respond. And that one comment or like is sometimes just the little push you need to keep going.

Don't keep it in the closet. Be open about what it is you are trying to accomplish. Everyone needs health and fitness, including you. Make your friends and family aware of why it is so important that you keep going and succeed. Don't be afraid to ask them to help keep you accountable. Maybe someone will even want to join you.

Join an online accountability group. Online accountability groups are the most convenient way to get fit and stay fit. Everyone in the group is working on improving their health and fitness. You can workout at home whenever it's convenient, and focus on good nutrition. Your peers in the group will have struggles and successes just like you, but they are there to keep each other accountable by interacting in the private group setting.

Are you struggling with staying motivated? Want to try one of our online fitness and nutrition accountability groups? I'd love to know what health and fitness goal you are aiming for. If you want some more information about an accountability group, start by filling out this form.

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