21 Day Fix Super Group!

Friday, July 8, 2016

Join our 21 Day Fix Super Group!!! Get meal plans, recipes, contests and prizes and more! Our biggest group ever!

Been Slacking a bit lately?
Blowing off your workouts?
Eating at too many concession stands and drive thrus?
Can't get away from the kids to go to the gym?

It happens.
Let's FIX it starting this Monday!!!

If you already have the 21 Day Fix or 21 Day Fix Extreme program, that's awesome! If not, this is a great chance for you to try it out and get all your questions answered before you commit.
You are all invited to join this FREE online challenge group where we will run through a complete round of 21 Day Fix, together!
For those of you who don't have the program, no worries. We'll give yous a sample meal plan to follow including recipes and shopping lists. All you need to do is pick some kind of exercise to do along with the rest of us for 21 days.

In this group you can expect to learn how to incorporate some really simple nutrition and fitness into your very busy life.
By the end of the 21 Day challenge you should feel better, have more energy and want to continue to make good nutrition and fitness your new way of life.

This group is completely FREE! No obligation to buy anything! And, we'll be having some really cool contests and prizes too!

Are you ready to FIX it with us???
Click this link to join or fill out the form below:


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