Working Out is a Reward, Not Punishment

Sunday, September 13, 2015

What a whirlwind month this has been so far! Sending the kids off to school this month was bitter sweet. My oldest is a senior in high school and I just don't know how that happened so fast. It seems like just yesterday I was strapping her into a car seat and now I have to call her for a ride home! There are college visits, homecoming and so many other milestones ahead for her this year. It is exciting, exhausting and heat breaking at the same time. And to think we'll get to do it all over again next year with our son. There's just so much to cram into 18 short years with your kids! I've been a soccer mom, cheer leading adviser, and PTO parent. My husband, Bill, coached many of their teams. The kids have been involved in basketball, baseball, swimming, football, volleyball, dance, gymnastics, music, scouting, orchestra, and on and on. And our youngest is still in grade school so there doesn't appear to be an end to the madness any time soon! 

Being involved in organized sports and activities has taught them so many valuable life lessons. Every practice, game and private lesson is a reward, not punishment. There wasn't one time that I ever had to drag my kids into the car and force them to go. And so Bill and I made a promise to them a long time ago that as long as they were well behaved, did well in school and made us proud, we would do whatever it would take to make sure they got to do all those things that are important to them. And so far they've kept their end of the deal.

When I began my journey with Beachbody last year I desperately needed a transformation. Battling rheumatoid arthritis left me unfit and over weight. I had damaged joints, was weak and suffered fatigue that I can only describe as living half conscious. Before my illness, I hated to workout. I didn't see the need for it and I didn't have the time for it. When you tell yourself that exercise is too hard, too painful and too much work - you will fail. But waking up one day and not being able to stand up or walk unassisted, changed everything. Being robbed of mobility and strength, and suddenly having to depend on others for help, reminded me of how foolish I was to take good health for granted. It was so important to me that my kids work hard and make good choices, but I failed to keep up my end of the deal. So I began to look at nutrition and fitness the same way that my kids viewed sports and music, as a gift - a reward, not punishment. Today, fitness is something I look forward to. I enjoy it and I make time for it - everyday. I no longer take good health for granted. Fitness is now something that I need and I take it seriously because it's my best defense against future attacks of the disease. 

I write about my own experiences because I hope to inspire others to be proactive about their health. Life is unpredictable and it's impossible to know just what we'll face in the coming years, but in times of crisis, the best offense is a good defense. Making smart choices about health and happiness today will certainly work in your favor. And if you think it's too late, you're too old or way too overweight to do anything about it - you are wrong. It aint over! Doing a workout for the first time, joining a challenge group, eating clean.... every small healthy step you take is one step away from a bad habit. Get in a routine of making good choices every day and it becomes a lifestyle.   

For me, coaching is a way to help other people find their fit formula, one that is rewarding and helps them be happy, healthy and smart. I promote Beachbody programs because that is what worked for me and I believe in their formula that focuses on complete wellness through fitness, nutrition and support. I encourage people to replace old bad habits with better, healthier choices - regardless of age, weight, or ability. If you're ready to make your health a priority and you're not sure where to start, I would love to help you. Beachbody fitness programs are a good place for anyone to start a new fitness routine but most people find success through online accountability and support groups, called challenge groups. The groups are not free, but they come with a lifetime of benefits. Are you ready to invest in yourself, challenge yourself, transform yourself? 

So long summer… time to get out the jeans and sweaters and bring out the best in you!

I'M LOOKING FOR 10 LADIES who are ready for a total fitness makeover! You won't need ANY complicated equipment. NO heavy weights. NO long hours in a crowded gym. Get fit using only the weight of your own body.. and you don't even need to leave your house!! Anyone can do this!
Just 30 minutes of simple fitness each day, follow a clean eating meal plan for 4 weeks and replace one meal each day with Shakeology to ensure proper nutrition. NO counting calories! NO counting points! NO starving yourself!

This group starts next week and you can be anywhere in the US or Canada to join. All workouts are done in the comfort of your own home on your own time. You'll have ME as your personal coach.. walking you through every step of the program!

If you can commit to changing your life.. and making this fall your healthiest yet.
Message me, friend request me, email me!!! This time last year I was 30 pounds heavier so I know how you feel. Joining a challenge group last August changed my life in SO MANY ways! Make a commitment today to get stronger.. healthier.. and feeling better than ever!

This program is NOT free but includes:

  • A complete home workout kit with DVDs
  • Custom clean eating meal plan designed for your challenge
  • 30 healthy meals! ~ A 30 day supply of Shakeology!
  • Measuring tape to track all those inches lost
  • ME as your personal coach 
  • Access to my private, VIP lifetime support group
  • A free T-shirt when you finish and send in your results!
  • A 30-day money back guarantee

Are you ready to totally transform yourself? Remember, challenge groups work and you WILL NOT FAIL! Complete this application to tell me a little more about yourself and why you're ready for this change. Can't wait to see you in the group and to see you looking FABULOUS this fall!

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