Shhh...Are you a closet dieter?

Sunday, June 14, 2015

Most people have tried to change their eating habits at some point in their lives. Even though almost everyone I know has tried a diet or two, studies show that as high as 66 percent of dieters do it secretly.

There are a few reasons why we become closet dieters.

Fear of failure:

We're afraid of being shamed if we don't reach our goal. This is especially true if we have a lot of weight to lose. We want instant results. When the weight doesn't come off fast enough, it feels like we've failed.

Fear of being judged:

Most people choose not  to tell their friends and family about their diet change because there is added pressure to succeed. On the other hand, there's the anxiety we get when we're made fun of for eating good food. Like somehow eating healthy is a bad thing!

Fear of letting other people down:

How many times have you been pressured to lose weight, and get in shape by your friends and loved ones? Making a commitment to improving your diet and health is very personal and it's not easy to do. When people around you point fingers it's sometimes because they underestimate how much of a challenge it is. You only let people down when you give up. Instead, rise to the challenge and set an example for everyone around you. Sooner or later, they'll see that you're serious and you'll gain their respect.

It's time to come out of the closet and here's why:

  1. Diet and Exercise needs a support system. And the more weight you have to lose, the more important it is to have that positive influence to keep you going. That's why our online challenge groups are so important. 24/7 free coaching support plus encouragement from you peers is a formula for success.
  2. We need to feel "accountable". When you find the courage to state your intentions out loud you are making a huge leap in the right direction. When you go public with your health and fitness goals you will feel more confident about reaching them. Suddenly you are setting an example and that's empowering. 
  3. No diet and exercise program is perfect. We will fail occasionally. The point is that we pick ourselves up and start again. Sometimes your failures can speak louder than your successes. You're not letting anyone down when you fall, instead you are motivating them when you keep getting back up. So even if you have some setbacks, just continuing with your journey and not giving up proves that you are strong and determined. Others will applaud you for that.
  4. Remember to focus on your reason why. You won't let anyone down if they know how important your health and fitness journey is to you. You should never feel self-conscious of making healthier choices. Your decision to get healthy is an unselfish one. 

Teamwork makes the dream work!

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