21 Day FIX Berry Parfait

Sunday, June 14, 2015

This is one SWEET way to eat!!!

21 Day FIX Berry Parfait


1 PURPLE Fresh mixed berries
1 RED Low fat ricotta cheese
1 TB honey
dash of cinnamon

Mix ricotta, honey and cinnamon together and top with fresh berries.

You don't have to torture yourself to lose weight - and you certainly don't have to sacrifice eating delicious treats like this! 21 Day FIX is one AWESOME recipe for losing weight and getting fit.

  • Can you handle 21 days of delicious, whole, fresh food?  Yeah, you can even have cheese, chocolate and wine.
  • Can you squeeze in 30 minutes of really simple exercise?
  • Can you replace 1 meal each day with Shakeology? With flavors like chocolate peanut butter cup, pina colada, snickers, salted caramel and chocolate covered strawberry...I think you can!
  • Can you commit for 21 days to a private online group with free 24/7 coaching support and encouragement from other "FIXER" friends.

I believe you can!
It's just 21 days...Ready to give it a try?

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