Homemade Marinara Sauce (21 Day Fix approved)

Saturday, May 21, 2016


1 29 oz. can Tomato Puree (GREEN)
1 29 oz. can Crushed Tomatoes (GREEN)
1/4 cup fresh Basil, chopped (FREE)
4 cloves Garlic, minced (FREE)
1 tsp. ground Black Pepper (FREE)
1/4 tsp. Sea Salt
1 Tbsp. Oregano (FREE)
2 tsp. fresh Rosemary, chopped (FREE)
1 Tbsp. Crushed Red Pepper (FREE) (optional)


Pour both cans of tomato puree and crushed tomatoes into a large saucepan.  Heat over low heat.
Mix in all other ingredients and stir well.  Let sauce simmer for at least an hour.
Measure out serving of sauce in GREEN container (if an entire GREEN container is more sauce that you desire, then just measure out half of the container)
Serve with your favorite pasta and Enjoy!

*** Note: This homemade marinara sauce is counted as a GREEN because it has no added sugar. When purchasing store bought sauce read the label carefully. If it contains sugar (as most store bought brands do) then count the sauce as a PURPLE.

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